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Support Groups

A Place Where Everyone Understands

Support groups offer registrants and family members the opportunity to appropriately release powerful emotions. It is an opportunity to share feelings, fears, and concerns. Being in a safe and welcoming environment filled with compassion, reassurance, and understanding, can help reduce any stigma you may feel.  It helps to know you're not alone and that you can talk to others who have been through similar experiences. Hearing their stories can be validating and can help you see that your reactions, struggles, and feelings are not isolated. Support group members offer acceptance, and they can appreciate you for who you are.

Group members can offer information and ideas on registration difficulties, housing and employment issues. Group members often say this exchange of information is one of the most valuable elements of participating.

Support groups can improve your mood and decrease anxiety and stress. Sharing experiences and making connections can make you feel better about life in general. Seeing others making progress in coping with their issues will give you hope and optimism about your own future. Facing challenges together as a group can make it easier to achieve personal growth through your struggles. Everyone is at different places on the road. 

A support group is also a place to contribute, so that you might reach out to help others, and in so doing, you might lift yourself up as well. Contributing is a good way to increase your sense of meaning and purpose in life, and to make use of all that you have learned on your journey through a difficult experience.


Research and Q&A

We help you find answers to tough questions such as where can I live, what are the registry rules, how can I help?  We discuss these and other things at our support groups but also offer an email group (not a chat room) that is completely moderated where current information on topics and additional information can be found.  Email for a link OR follow us on Twitter @okvoicesinc

Support Group Forms



Information and Rules

Treatment Providers and Probation Officers

Application - Email Request [email protected]

*You must be approved by one of our Facilitators prior to attending.  And if on probation, have your officer's permission to attend.

Current Support Group locations:

Norman - Third Saturday monthly - pending holidays or at the discretion of Facilitator.

Tulsa - Fourth Saturday monthly - pending holidays or at the discretion of Facilitator.

If you are interested in starting a support group in your city, please contact us.  We will provide you with the materials, training and support.  Certain criteria must be met to be a Facilitator.

OK VOICES INC. is a state affiliate for NARSOL.  A host of resources are available on the national site.