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Every time you update, you are signing the Notice of Duty to Register .  This outlines the statutes you are held to. These statutes are law.  Law enforcement does not have the authority to give you permission to break the law. 

Registrants should not be asking permission to do things the Notice of Duty to Register defines as law.  Every registrant needs to memorize the Notice of Duty to Register.

Refer legal questions to an attorney who specializes in these issues.  See our legal aid page.

If you are on probation, this is what to expect as far as rules of treatment and conditions.


In the month of November, a Registrant was contacted by a NC phone number and asked for money via money card or he would report the name and location of the Registrant to local media.  OK VOICES was able to make contact with the person and put a stop to this, at least with this particular registrant.  If you are being harrassed, notify us and we will do what we can to locate these individuals and help you seek prosecution.

PHONE SCAMS continue throughout the state and nation.  Registrants are not the only targets, it includes individuals with school loans and an IRS call.


Tell us your story, how life on the registry has affected you and your family, email your submissions to: 

[email protected]  These stories may be used as information when submitting amicus briefs on other cases filed in our state.


OK VOICES INC. is a state affiliate of NARSOL.  A host of resources are available on the national site.

OK VOICES is accepting donations for our Litigation Fund.  Our goal is $25,000.00, your contribution is 100% tax deductible.  

Editorial published in the OKLAHOMAN paper on 3/17/18

Sex offender laws

Oklahoma's laws regarding where sex offenders can live often appear haphazard. This was reinforced this week when the state Senate, reacting to a case in Bristow, advanced legislation making it illegal for convicted sex offenders to live within 2,000 feet of a former victim. Yet at the same time, Oklahoma law is so restrictive on sexual offender residency that in 2006 it was estimated just 16 percent of the Oklahoma City area and 8 percent of Tulsa were not off-limits. That was blamed for causing hundreds of sex offenders to simply stop registering. So Oklahoma law somehow made most of the state's two major metros off-limits to sex offenders without preventing a predator from moving next door to his victim, and also left law enforcement with no idea where hundreds of sex offenders were statewide, despite laws requiring registration. To call the system flawed is an understatement.

LAST UPDATE 10/10/2018


CLEVELAND COUNTY, OK:  More unjust treatment for families, DHS self reporting results in Oklahoma couple having their children removed from home with no allegations of wrong doing.  Couple told the future of their unborn child is in the air. DHS worker in conflict of interest in keeping one of the children. More as this story develops. Is DHS overstepping the bounds Registrants feared and kidnapping their children, we shall see.


OK VOICES is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for the civil rights of individuals convicted of sex-related offenses through education, legislation and litigation.   We work in collaboration with NARSOL and other civil rights organizations.  We are an independent and autonomous organization with no ties to any level of government.  We advocate for approaching 7,000 people who have been registered for up to a life-time as sex offenders by the State of Oklahoma as well as for members of their families.

We offer support to registered citizens, their families and friends in the form of Support Groups.  We currently offer two groups a month.  For more information, please contact us via email at [email protected], call the number listed below or visit the Support Group page.

All of our work is volunteer, no one receives any compensation for their services.  If you would like to help in any way, please contact me.  

There is a lot of information available on various websites.  Due to scams involving registrants and their families, we encourage individuals to avoid websites that do not have a contact phone number that sends you to a verifiable individual.  Organizations that are confident and legitimate have a contact person and phone number. If you are concerned, don't hesitate to call and we will investigate your inquiry. OK VOICES will not list any organization as a resource that does not fit certain criteria.  Individuals that answer or return calls on behalf of OK VOICES are not on probation or parole which is a violation of contact for those that are.  

Lori Hamilton, Executive DIrector                                                                                 

Victim/Advocate/Family Member of a Registrant      


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IMPORTANT: Please note that we do not give legal advice or offer monetary assistance to individuals. 

US: Sex Offender Laws May Do More Harm Than Good

End Registration of Juveniles, Residency Restrictions and Online Registries

Watch this 9 minute video that will pull at your heartstrings as this is just one example that leaves us asking, does the punishment fit the crime? 

Shawna: A Life on the
Sex Offender Registry  A young mother struggles with life on the sex offender registry.  DAVID FEIGE

Trailer VIMEO 

Also search this story:  New York Times Op-Doc Exposes the Flawed Science Behind Supreme Court’s sex offender cases.

Courage:  strength in the face of pain or grief.
CSZfree is an app for RSO's on parole/probation, their families, and parole/probation officers. It shows the avoidance radius around Child Safety Zones (CSZ) nearby so that the RSO can evade those areas and maintain free from parole/probation infractions. OK VOICES shared this useful app at the DOC Conference.


A new NOTICE OF DUTY TO REGISTER was made available November 3, 2017.  The link has been updated and uploaded. 

This includes the mandatory reporting information for the SB217 DHS requirement for ALL registrants who currently reside with minor children or 3 days prior to intent.  Non compliance with this statue will result in a felony conviction.

This statute went  into effect November 1st, 2017.   The number we have been provided for reporting is: 800-522-3511. DHS has changed its initial message on the call in number and offers a Spanish extension, but the call still is as if you are reporting a child abuse and does not offer a separate extension to self report.  The caller must still select the option that reports child abuse.

As a result of this statute, DHS will have the authority to enter Registrants homes and do a safety evaluation.  

Thank you to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections who invited us to speak at their conference in Shawnee in October 2017.   It was a success from our perspective, sharing the information we intended and resulted in new relationships and opportunities in the Tulsa area.  What a nice gift!

Thank you to all who have been participating in providing collateral damage letters.  We received letters from registrants, family members and friends as to the effects and impact the registry has on individuals lives.  The Registry impacts everyone associated, including the children of registrants.  It is important to put faces to the registry like Shawna's in the video.... The video has been submitted to every Oklahoma Representative and Senator.



The elements of strict liability in criminal law are simple: a statute exists and someone breaks the statute.  It does not require that a person knowingly or intentionally break the law.  So the alleged victim may be at fault, but all faults fall upon the offender.  This in turn, subjects offenders to automatic punishment if proof shows the breaking of a law.  Even if they’re unaware and do not know they are committing a crime.

Several counties have varying hours and Registrants have to make multiple trips, let us know if you are struggling because the office does not have staff available. You can email through the contact us page.  The number of calls coming in has increased significantly.

If you have a complaint, please be prepared to name names and circumstances.  Be respectful and courteous when you visit your Registration offices. Registration officers have a job to do, work together. OK VOICES will investigate any claims.

OK VOICES always recommends you record any conversations you have with law enforcement either in person or via phone.
As of 10/10/18

There are 6,936 Registrants in the State of Oklahoma.
1,197 are Delinquent (not up to date with Registration statues and subject to arrest) and 473 registered Homeless.  Homeless Registrants are to enter local law enforcement offices every 7 days for the approximate location they lay their heads each night, which is somewhere in a green zone and most often a street corner. Addresses must be mappable to be valid, make sure the address you register meets this criteria.