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OK VOICES is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for the civil rights of individuals convicted of sex-related offenses through education, legislation and litigation.   We work in collaboration with NARSOL and other civil rights organizations.  We are an independent and autonomous organization with no ties to any level of government.  We advocate for approaching 7,000 people who have been registered for up to a life-time as sex offenders by the State of Oklahoma as well as for members of their families.

We offer support to registered citizens, their families and friends in the form of Support Groups.  We currently offer two groups a month.  For more information, please contact us via email at [email protected], call the number listed below or visit the Support Group page.

Lori Hamilton, Executive DIrector                                                                                 Victim/Advocate      


(918) 261-1757

It takes as much courage to tell the world you are a victim as it does to forgive.

Courage:  strength in the face of pain or grief.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we do not give legal advice or offer monetary assistance to individuals. 

US: Sex Offender Laws May Do More Harm Than Good

End Registration of Juveniles, Residency Restrictions and Online Registries


Every time you update, you are signing the Notice of Duty to Register .  This outlines the statutes you are held to. These statutes are law.  Law enforcement does not have the authority to give you permission to break the law. 

Registrants should not be asking permission to do things the Notice of Duty to Register defines as law.  

Refer legal questions to an attorney who specializes in these issues.  See our legal aid page.

If you are on probation, this is what to expect as far as rules of treatment and conditions.


EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Lori Hamilton will be speaking at a DOC Conference in October 2017.  Topic will be, "Life on the Registry-Dealing with Obstacles and Finding Solutions".  As a victim, family member of a registrant and advocate, Lori offers a balanced perspective when discussing a difficult issue that brings with it collateral damage.


Tell us your story, how life on the registry has affected you and your family, email your submissions to: 

[email protected]  More family resources coming.

OK VOICES INC. is the state affiliate for NARSOL.  A host of resources are available on the national site.